Saturday, June 30, 2012


Come unto me
There is a living prophet
Our message will bring you the answers
Whats the goal?
Listen up
Follow Him / it. (path of Christ)
Charity faileth not
Life has a sense
God exists
God isn't worried about the type of clothes you wear
God believes in you
-Part 1- Give the best of yourself
-Part 2- To your family
There is a living prophet

-part 1- and what serveth it a man to win all the world
-part 2- if he loses his soul
what do you believe?
God worries (cares) about you
Why am I here?
whats that all about?
Follow me and I will make you fishers of men
-part 1- how straight is the pathway and
narrow the door by which they must enter
the doctrine of Christ restored
what do you have to say?
whats your plans after death?
what do you have to say?
Where am I going after this?
you are here
what are the fruits of the spirit?
hello, we have a message
its a choice to believe in God

but even so
which track?
wheres that go?
God loves the marseillais
which track?
what are you searching for?
come unto me
Smash wickedness
for my yoke is soft and my burden light
Truth is not a point of view

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

des nouvelles

un peu de nouvelle.

Le prochaine exposition serai a Paris. il va commencer début aout au centre visiteur de l'église de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Dernier Jours. il serai exposer deux mois. venez voir.

Fin aout nous aurons un exposition a Vienne en Autriche, probablement sur une place en ville.

mi septembre nous ferons un exposition a Oslo, Norway.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Cette été nous aurons 3 exposition en Europe.
Paris - Juillet
Vienne (Autriche) - Aout
Oslo (Norway) - Septembre